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The links below are outside links but if selected, you will get a pop up widow. Please adjust the window as needed using the scroll bars at the top and the bottom.

*** Phil added this and it works perfectly, AFTER pop up has been chosen...on the main site session, right click on the bottom windows bar and choose "Show windows side by side" ** Be sure if you are going to chat, place the chat session overlapping , on top.

MSNBC [Outside Links] Backup

MSNBC Rooster [Outside link]       MSNBC Zahistations [Outside Link]     

MSNBC Baqiworld [outside link]    MSNBC Zahipedia [Outside link]  

MSNBC Hulk [Outside link]           MSNBC Live Showcorner [Outside link]  

MSNBC Live iLive [Outside Link]   




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